Sunday, March 08, 2015

A Shade Too Far

Author Stephanie Dray recently issued an apology, as did Laura Kaye, over comments relating to the known sexual contact between Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings, a slave and minor child.

As authors we enjoy the privilege of writing about whatever feel moved to. And as writers of erotica and erotic romance we have probably become rather used to our genre being the butt of jokes and "50 Shades" of this and that being tittered about all over the media and social media. But to extend these jokes to the idea of "hilarious"  BDSM/historical mashups and to the very real experience of Sally Hemings and her children who lived and died as slaves, including sexual slavery.....

Well, it reminds us all that some things are not all that funny and will no doubt cast a very long shadow over Ms Dray's actual historical novel about one of Jefferson's children with his legal wife. Especially as Kaye chose to explicitly mention that book by name in the midst of her apology, thus cementing the connection between joking about child rape and the release of this book for some time to come.


roslynholcomb said...

It’s Sally Hemings.

veinglory said...

Thanks, corrected