Friday, March 13, 2015

Google Exposes Anonymous Bloggers

Many people who register their domain through Google, and anonymize it with Enom, had their full name and address exposed for a short period after this year's renewal.  ZDnet reports that a flaw effecting 280,000 users lead to their domain being renewed, but not their Enom -- so their legal name and address was listed in the public WHOIS data.

Google's official letter described this as only effecting "a portion" of users.  Well, I suppose 94% is technically "a portion".

On the up side, hardly anyone noticed this even during the six days the privacy setting were not in force and effected users got a free year of registration. But that will be small compensation to any user who suffer serious consequences from being exposed.


Maryn Blackburn said...

Jesus. What part of "anonymous" eluded them? We all know how being outed as a purveyor of filth can harm the erotica writer in ways public and private--jobs lost, family relationships damaged, children taunted. Sheesh.

veinglory said...

I imagine it was a "clicked the wrong button" mistake. I am more surprised by the fact it took six days to fix than that it happened. I just hope no one suffers as a result. There are a lot of "moral crusaders" and wacko stalkers out there.