Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Not Your Everyday Rights Grab

An amusing article from Boing Boing describes an unusual attempt to grab rights for images and onions... about an apartment. Most authors might be used to carefully scanning a contract for rights grabs over unrelated material, but would you every think you needed to look for this in a lease?

The lease to the Windermere Cay apartment transfers copyrights of any text or images the residents might create that are about the apartment complex to the owner of the complex, with the intend of having anything "negative" removed from any public site under the DMCA. Oh, and there is a fine of thousands of dollars attached as well.

Thus leading one naturally to suspect that the apartment complex must be horrendous in pretty much every way to require such draconian "reputation management". A tactic that is already backfiring badly on apartment review sites.

See also: Huffington Post

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