Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Romances Someone Should Write: Designated Survivor

Romances Someone Should Write--a chance to describe that book you could never write yourself, but somebody out there should.

Designated Survivor (romantic suspense)

As Secretary of Agriculture, brilliant but humorless 82-year-old Porsche Smith-Barton is not especially effective and not particularly well liked. What she is, is a survivor. That may be why the President, as a joke, chooses her to be the senior politician sent outside of DC during the State of the Union address; the 'designated survivor' in the unlikely circumstance of every senior politician being killed while attending the speech. A security escort accompanies Porsche on a trip to rural Missouri to have dinner with her ex-husband Frank "Fatty" Barton, an irreverent cattle rancher who understands Porsche no better now than he did when the married sixty years ago, or when they and divorced ten years after that.  That evening they are watching the speech on TV while eating some excellent steaks when the largest conventional bomb ever detonated on Earth destroys the entire metropolitan DC area.  Porsche Smith Barton has just become President of the United States, and the only person she can even halfway trust to help her is Frank Barton. Porsche's job is to keep body and soul together while leading America through some of the darkest days it will ever face, and Frank's is to throw everything he has into the unexpected role of first (ex-)husband.  Because if this unlikely couple cannot learn to pull together, the entire nation may fall apart.

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