Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Sugar and Spice Press: Closed (?)

I am told that Sugar and Spice Press (2010-2011) is closed and has been for some time, although their website and Facebook page are still up (but extremely out of date). Confirmation would be appreciated.


Anonymous said...

Hi Emily,

I am a former author of Sugar and Spice Press and Amira. Both houses are now closed. The Sugar and Spice site is not even online anymore.

veinglory said...

Thanks for clearing that up. They did look closed but normally that results in some kind of public announcement.

Anonymous said...

Closed, audited, whatever. Speaking for myself here but my last payments/statement hasn't been mailed even though they day it had. I call BS on this sudden closure. Pisses me off that authors don't have the balls to come forward and say what's going on, even if its anonymous.