Thursday, July 23, 2015

The John Havel Thing

World of Kindle eBooks
[July 20] John Havel tries to prove some really rather nebulous point by plagiarizing a romance novel and uploading it to kindle, and then posts about it on Hustle in a crass and insulting way. He concludes that because he managed to rip off Anna Cleary, Kindle is bad an you shouldn't buy self-published books.

Reactions to John Havel’s article in The Hustle[July 22]
Various people, including the author of the book, indicate this was a dumbass move.  Because, well, it was.  Seriously what was the point here?

Dear John, pull your head in.  Kindle is sometimes a bit lax in their screening but you actually committed a crime. Grow the fuck up and take down the post where you joke and boast about it whilst also being casually racist and very condescending to the romance genre.

Dear Hustle, what next?  Perhaps a laddish tale of stealing cars because security systems suck?  A little light sharking, just for fun?  Or maybe hire some bloggers who know that ignorance of the law is, as has always been the case, not an excuse. Although this may be one case of plagiarism where I actually believe the guy really is that stupid.

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