Saturday, September 26, 2015

Bizarro Kindlerotica

I think there is now official a growing literary love child between erotica and bizarro fiction.  Bizarro fiction has often included erotic elements but in  fairly haphazard way. 

Now it seem that as erotica grew beyond the tamer paranormal options and tentacles into Bigfoot, Dinosaurs and other monsters some writers have embraced the goal of brining erotica the most unlikely figures you could imagine.

Clippy the Microsoft Office animated assistance, the late President Lincoln, the MacDonald's Hamburglar... they all star in erotic ebooks available on Amazon. And Leonard Delaney is the crown Prince of Bizarro Kindlerotica land.

Bizarro Kindlerotica finally reach a place even I find rather dubious (aesthetical and legally) with author Lilith St. Augustine and the story Kim Goes To Jail: An Erotic Story--a transparent reference to county clerk Kim Davis.  (With a blurb clearly trying to shelter under the category of satire.)

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