Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Do Third Party Sellers Deliberately Create Duplicate Listings on Amazon?

I keep noticing duplicate listings for my books on Amazon.  Only the paperback format, and marked "This item is only available from third-party sellers."  And listed by a single third party seller at an inflated price.

It is no mystery how the duplicate listing is created.  Even a small difference in just the title of the data entered will create a separate listing, not connected to the real listing where customers can by the book new and at list price. In these cases the new listing is generally created by putting brackets around the title. 

This as now happened often enough that I think it is a deliberate tactic by these sellers to avoid having to compete directly with the properly priced books.  Even if their listing gets much less traffic it has some chance of winning them the sale.

I keep reporting these listings, some of which now incorrectly say my titles are out of print.  But it seems to take careful explanations to several tiers of customer service every single time.  Amazon is quick to crack down on a lot of things, currently deleting reviews on the east suspicion of impropriety, but how long will it take them to catch on to this little scheme?

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