Monday, September 28, 2015

Pony Play Goes Mainstream (?)

As self-publishing and e-publishing become more accessible, a number of niche markets are becoming more visible online.  One of them being pony play, an equine role-play fetish that the informed eye sees glimpses of in sundry places like Madonna concerts and couture fashion shoes.  But the literary aspect of pony play has recently begun moving from underground to overt.

Works could be found where people literal turned horses fell in love in that form (Wind in Cairo, 1989).  And even collections like  Donna Barr's "Transformations" (Lulu, 2006) which focus on becoming a horse (or horse-like) as a distinct fetish interest.

However it is only more recently that works like the Victorian-era Copper Horse series by Miss Merikan have appeared on Amazon (See more examples here). If earlier prose works of equine roleplay exist, they must be from the ephemeral world of direct order erotica, and no obvious record remains.

Many mainstream works of pony play display intricate work building to make the fetish elements of being a human pony a natural part of the social order, often by using a historical setting where considerable imbalances of powers existed between people based on race or class. A rather perilous path that these earlier authors have negotiated skillfully (but less nuanced works are likely to follow).

A kink that was fading into obscurity is finding a new and more diverse audience through writing that blends the fetish core of the pony play concept with worlds where the more ridiculous aspects of its "reality" are buffed beautifully away.

Eventually we will probably see the mainstream media suddenly "discover" this modern trend that has it roots firmly planted in 100 years of kinky history.

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