Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Will there ever be a single 'go to' Romance Community? (And which ones do you use?)

Today Diversion Publishing launched a new online romance community.  What the press release lacks is a link to said community, it can be found here. It is meant to be "publisher neutral" and this is reasonably plausible in that Diversion's Ever After Division was been an e-bookstore and services provider, but never home to their own romance titles.

To my eyes the new community website looks deressingly pink, girly, sweaty-torso-ed and... well like a blog.Because,,.  It's a blog. Right? Damn it, I have fallen for another Press Release Puff Job.

Which is a pity because I do think there is a bit of a hole in Romanceandia where a real pan-romance site with forums, wikis, resources etc could fit in.  One is mainstream and business-like, and that swerves around the kitschy low tech populism of the Romantic Times forum, the cloying insularity of Romance Diva's, the dated fading charm of All About Romance....

Or a I being too harsh?  Which romance community sites do you use?  Which would you recommend?

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Cee said...

There's a forum at Absolute Write Water Cooler, isn't there?