Tuesday, December 08, 2015


My financial returns per ebook are dropping these days.  I have the usual anxieties.  Do I suck?  Is my work dated?  Just a saturated market? Why did I never write popular tropes? Well, I don't like alpha males, so what I can I do?

Also I now have a great day job with a non-crazy boss and delightful co-workers; how often does that happen?  And not coincidentally I don't have that time-honored muse any more (a.k.a. "need to pay the bills" / "must sell smut or starve").

I still write because, frankly, that is just what I do.  People buy it or don't buy it. Whatever. (Please buy it. Please). But I am not sure I am really in touch with "the industry" or "Romancelandia" or whatever-he-fuck-it-is-called-these days. I can't be bothered going to romance conventions because I would rather go to Niagara Falls and eat poutine and drink espresso martinis.

So if some crazy shit is happening that I should know about please email me at veinglory @gmail.com. (preferably something to do with erotica/romance/fiction, but in general I love me some drama). Or consider joining this blog as a guest or regular contributor.  Because I like to suck out the tender juices of the younger generation or just generally people more successful than me.  Or make friends.  Either way.

How many of you, my fellow authors, are baffled at being middle-aged (or older).  When did that happen?  I feel so much less desperate these days, and more happy, and somehow less hip. So.  If anybody is out there.  Drop me a comment. (Or not.  I get that).


Theda Black/Klaudia Bara said...

I am baffled and middle-aged or older. I still write, just not as much as I had hoped. I have never understood the workings of romancelandia or whatever. Never felt in the know or the loop, none of that. Still here though, buried in obscurity!

MA Church said...

LOL I'm right there with you at baffled and middle-aged! I'm only a tad hip thanks to having a twenty and twenty-two year old lol. Well, they're hip.... I just take notes and use it in my books!

veinglory said...

Despite being treated as some homogeneous entity, I think most people with a genre-interest are pretty much out there somewhere having their own (sometimes bemusing) experience of it all.

And having neglected to procreate myself, I will need to find somewhere to borrow hip young people to observe....

Jules Jones said...

Baffled, middle-aged and about to be older, and could have pretty much written that post. Also scrolling down through a month's worth of posts feeling that I ought to communicate by posting comments, and finding nothing, because the day job has eaten most of my brain and the current Commute From Hell has eaten the rest. (My recent Twitter posts consist largely of sardonic commentary about the local transpot infrastructure having fallen into the pit. Literally.)