Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Fisking Atria's Press Release

Press release here, and below in bold.

"Atria Books, Paragraph to launch new way to experience books"

Atria to offer app

"Paragraph and Atria Books, an imprint of Simon and Schuster, said it has announced the launch of Crave, a new app that matches bestselling authors with the hottest actors to offer romance fans an entirely new reading experience."

We paid these guys to make an app with mantitty

"Crave will be available for download on iOS at launch with Android to follow shortly after."

But unfortunately these guys suck at making apps for Android

"...Subscribers will receive one installment from the book each day, and every new segment of the story is coupled with instant notifications, videos and photos from the lead character. Books are released serially, typically in advance of their official publication date, creating a new reading paradigm where the only place to experience the enhanced story will be in the app."

Because we don't understand why people like books we think they will enjoy being drip fed them less than a chapter at a time over three months.

“The way we consume information has changed dramatically in the past few years,” said Ziv Navoth, Paragraph´s CEO. “We took the romance novel and asked ourselves how can we create an experience that fits the way people like to experience stories these days. The result is Crave.”

We thought apps were dumb, but now all the other romance publishers have them and we feel left out.

"The Crave Studio scours the world and polls fans to discover actors who resemble the actual book characters so much that they might have well been the inspiration for them. Crave then turns them into real-life stand-ins for their characters, turning the audience´s fantasy into reality."

So asked for an app with mantitty

“Today´s romance reader isn´t satisfied with simply reading a story,” said Colleen Hoover. “She wants to be immersed in the story and get closer to the characters, while also building a relationship with the author who created them.”

We really don't understand why people like books.  We assume they really just want to look at mantitty or be author stalkers.

“This is an exciting endeavor for us. Truly the way readers consume, share and talk about books has changed greatly, and with Crave we are able to marry new methods of delivery with high-quality, value-added content to engage readers in an entirely new type of experience,” says Judith Curr, President and Publisher, Atria Publishing Group."

Apps are new and exciting for us because we spent the last decade living under a rock.

"Crave is a subscription-based service. Fans subscribe to an author´s channel for less than a dollar a week (USD3.99/month) and receive daily installments from their newest books over a period of 90 days."

We actually think people would rather pay $12 to read a book reeeaaaallly slloooowwwlly than $5 to read at at any speed they like.  

"Paragraph builds products and services that re-imagine the way people discover, tell and experience great stories."

Paragraph makes apps.

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