Thursday, December 10, 2015

The enemy of the enemy of my enemy

A little bird observed Katherine Falk of Romantic Times wrote a statement on Facebook along the lines of "Dear Author apologizes for making false statements and reveals the settlement with Ellora's Cave." (A rather hostile and gloating interpretation of this post).

There is clearly no love lost between Falk and Dear Author.  But when it comes to Ellora's Cave when the core fact is that they have defaulted on payments due to their authors is all most of us care about... So by so clearly siding with EC Falk is inviting the wrath of the denizens of Romancelandia in general and the Knights of Righteous Authors in particular.  (I am being sarcastic but I am actually a sword-carrying member of the later, for better of worse).

(When is the last time any of you read the Romantic Times mag?  I guess it is very much more for classic 1.0 type romance readers?) 

UPDATE 12/10/2015 RT has officially apologized and retracted the statement
UPDATE2 12/102015 It looks like the link has moved so I will just post it here.

We apologize for the commentary that was posted regarding the EC case. We especially apologize to Jane. It was taken...

Posted by RT Convention on Thursday, December 10, 2015

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