Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Tourists in New Zealand duped into taking part in hair-cutting fetish video

I have to admit that as soon as the first story came out I was pretty sure it was fetish related.  I mean, someone is offering young, pretty, female tourist a lot of money just to be filmed having their heads shaved.  There really is all of... one possible explanation for that.

However it must be said that I have more familiarity with the diversity of fetishes out there than the average 20-something backpacker.  And even I was not specifically aware of hair cutting and head shaving as a fetish per se. But in general if an anonymous person offers pretty gals a lot of money for a visual record of.. well, just about anything, that is probably a fetish. The fact they were instructed to wear a little black dress and high heels for the shooting just makes it all the more obvious.

And sure enough, the actual purpose of the filming has now become clear.

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