Monday, December 21, 2015

Trying to redefine "Eunuch"--and an ethical question

A couple of religious authors are trying a new way to make the problem of gay Christians just go away.  And the rug they are trying to sweep these people under is called "Eunuch". So basically instead of straight, gay and asexual as the broadly (but not exhaustive) categories the spectrum would be reduced to straight (who can marry) and eunuch who lack attraction to the opposite sex (and cannot marry). Eunuch is meant to refer to a range of states, not just castrated people. The Biblical meaning seems to apply to those who do not or cannot marry for a variety of reasons.

Veronique Debord via / CC BY-SA
By completely failing to deal with active attraction to people of the same sex this approach seems to pretty much stick it's head in the sand and offer the celibacy "solution" common to most conservative Christian doctrines and counseling.  But I am curious enough about their theological contortions that I am considering reading the book

The ethical question is: is buying the book unethical as it gives financial support to bigotry?

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