Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Author Scams Reviewers Pretending to be from Penguin Random House

An author going by the name Christine Catlin a.k.a. Corinne Rosanna Catlin has and publishing under the name Silvestri Books has plumbed new depths in dishonesty.  Essentially she solicited reviews by presenting herself as an employee of Penguin Random House.  She then provided review copies of her own book as well as Penguin ARCs apparently bought secondhand to support her ruse that her book "Spectaccolo" was slated for publication by Penguin Random House.

Authors, especially indie authors, sometimes think outside the box to try and get some attention to their work. This can lead to innovated marketing ideas but also pretty dishonest stuff like fake awards and planting your book on bookstore shelves without permission.  No matter what you might think about that kind of "disonesty lite", outright scamming individual private citizens who review books crosses oh so many lines.

Since being detected in her scam Catlin has pulled her head in (taking down her website and Facebook page), and is probably about to be visited by Penguin Random House Lawyers wearing their stompy books. Seriously, even overlooking the rampant dishonesty of such a scheme this was never going to work out in the long term because: the internet.  Which is also why it is never going to be forgotten.

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