Thursday, January 21, 2016

Will Amazon start publically flagging poor quality ebooks?

There has been a lot of debate about this post which suggests Amazon is going to publically flag ebooks with technical errors and maybe even delist them starting on February 3rd.

Here is an email multiple authors report receiving from Amazon:

"Our shared goal is to provide the best digital reading experience for customers on Kindle. When customers contact us with quality issues in a book you published, we validate the issues and send them immediately to you to fix.
Starting February 3, 2016 we will begin showing customers a warning message on the Kindle store detail pages of books that contain several validated quality issues. We will remove this message for a book as soon as we receive the fixed file from you and verify the corrections -- typically within 2 business days.
We understand that even with the best quality controls, defects sometimes make it through. That's why we've limited this messaging to books with several issues. Books with more serious quality issues will continue to be suppressed from sale."
 As I read this, the process continues to be activated only by customer complaints.  So the only new step is that books under-going this process will be marked with a public warning about potential quality problems.  Annoying, but IMHO not a huge deal.

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