Monday, July 18, 2016

The Ongoing Story of Eternal Damnation

I have previously commented on the checkered history of Eternal Press and Damnation Books. Eternal opened in 2007, Damnation opened in 2009, and was acquired Eternal in 2010. Venerable fantasy magazine "Realms of Fantasy" joined the group in 2010 and went under in 2011.

In 2015 the entire kit and caboodle was acquired by Alan Leddon, who was also in charge of Spero Press. In the same year all three were positioned, along with four other imprints, under the umbrella of Caliburn Press. In 2016 Leddon posted a GoFundMe page to open a "Spiritual Bookstore" and raised $30 of his $25,000 goal. In the description Leddon represents himself as essentially living in poverty. This does not seem to prevent him from snapping up struggling publishing companies like hot cakes.

Complaints about the various heads of this publishing hydra have built up over the years, including accounts of unapproved editing, crazy kills fees, and non-payment of employees and authors. While their website solicits refugees from Samhain's trouble, some of their own authors and staff can be seen fleeing out the back door. Author Nannette Laree Hernandez sued Leddon and for diverted and unpaid royalties and falsified statements. The action was dismissed without prejudice earlier this year.

TL;DR  -- not with a bargepole

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Anonymous said...

It appears that Damnation/Eternal's new owner, Alan Leddon, is far worse than those who came before him. Since he took over the companies and placed them under the label, Caliburn Press, as part of his parent company Spero, authors have not been paid, some for more than a year. Publication dates are utterly up in the air. When he is asked by authors about royalty statements, he is vague or simply doesn't reply. When asked about publication dates, he says he has no time to offer them since he is being interrupted far too much with such inquiries. (This does not prevent him from spending considerable time on Facebook where he posts frequent, political frivolity.)

If you have any concerns with Mr. Leddon, please contact the Science Fiction Writers of America, particularly Victoria Strauss. She can be reached at She will keep your concerns confidential and can also offer you insight into Mr. Leddon's questionable workings.

WARNING: Mr. Leddon comes across as friendly and supportive initially, but so do many con artists. If for whatever odd reason, you must contact him, be wary of anything he says, even if it's put in writing.