Monday, December 12, 2016

The "new" era of erotic romance e-books is now almost 20 years old.  And yet in many ways things seems to remain the same.  People seem to think that they can start an e-publisher that targets the same genre, the same audience, with the same message, open for submissions, and start raking in the money.

There was some element of truth this this hope in 2006.  Although for every press that did well for even a year or two, four or five crashed and burned.  And in 2016 the chances of any significant degree of success are slim to nil.  This is a time when the approach pioneered by Ellora's Cave, Samhain, Amber Quill, and Torquere are not even working for them, so why would the exact same strategy work for an inexperienced start-up?

Take, for example, newbie Raven's Seduction Press.en’s, and watch us reach for the stars.

"Raven’s Seduction Press is not your typical publisher. We strive to bring you only the very best of all things romance, and erotica oriented. We are run by authors, and publishers who’ve been in the business for years. We’re taking romance and erotica to the next level, and showing that we can make anything classy. Make sure you follow our authors, and watch us reach for the stars"

So that's a claim with nothing to support it.  The same ol' genre focus. A claim that the unnamed people behind the press are experienced.  Another unsupported claim with an implication that most erotic romance is not "classy".  And a cliche.  All presented on a free Weebly site with Amazon rankings suggestive of very few sales. And selling books of the type, and with the kind of packaging, that have been sold by e-publisher for decades, with backlists a mile deep easily accessible to any reader.

For the established presses we are already in a situation of innovate or die.  So new presses following the same path are just going to walk straight off a cliff.

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