Tuesday, August 29, 2017


Christina Garner has been seeking a partial refund from book promoter QBW Services throughout most of this year. This endeavor culminated in a suit against Rebecca Hamilton / QBW Services  alleging breach or agreement and defamation.  (Because it seems that Hamilton's favorite way to get out of a hole is to commence digging for China). The case took one step closer to litigation this month when Hamilton's efforts to quash legal action based in California failed (see defendant's reply here).

The underlying promotional activity appears to be the creation of large multi-author boxed sets on Amazon, a strategy that went from cool idea in late 2016 to dumpster fire of recriminations around March of this year. Which is the common sort of a life span for any method of list rank manipulation, no matter how well-intended and technically rule-compliant it may initially seem to be.

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