Friday, November 10, 2017


Things are clearly afoot at Big Fiver Macmillan.  Four days ago they announced the end of their self-publishing platform Pronoun.  And just today, their romance website Heroes and Heartbreakers was thrown under the bus.

"As the digital habits of readers and consumers evolve, our strategic direction for reaching them evolves as well. Macmillan will be saying goodbye to the Heroes and Heartbreakers website by the end of 2017 and going forward will focus on engaging romance fans via our e-newsletter - which has a robust, growing circulation - and on social media."

I am not the kind of romance reader who resonated with that site, but it had seemed to gain some decent traction with the readership as a whole (no?).Macmillan is the fifth of the Big 5 with a Harry Potter fueled Scholastic hot on their heels.  These latest changes may reflect a healthy refocusing on their core business, or a general failure of their attempts to embrace digital-age consumers.  You be the judge.

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