Monday, June 25, 2018

Cedar Fort and water under the Bridgewood

Cedar Fort is a LDS (Mormon) publisher that I previously had a fairly high opinion of.  I own several of their cookbooks.  However as time went by, the have shown a tendency to make bad decisions.  For example, in 2013 they refused to let a gay author acknowledge his partner in this author description. They also have a reported history of trying to cut agents out of deals, and recouping loses from one book out of royalties for another title.

And now the final nail in their coffin... opening a vanity imprint.Opening a fee-charging imprint is a not terribly uncommon money grab for publishers who have managed to build up a little gravitas.  But Cedar Fort went even further-- by emailing all the authors whose work they previously rejected to see if they would consent to having their pocket picked to the tune of over $3500.  Oddly, they still don't seem to have bothered to set up a website for their vanity imprint "Bridgewood Publishing" (registered March 5, 2018).

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