Saturday, July 07, 2018

Called For Submissions: Rule 34

Editor: Zak Jane Keir
Submission Deadline: Midnight (UTC+1), 31 August 2018
Word Count: 3000-5000
Payment: 50% royalties split equally among participating authors
Enquiries: Sexy Little Pages

RULE 34 Weird and Wonderful Fetish Erotica Volume 2
#internet rule 34. Top Definition. Rule 34. Generally accepted internet rule that states that pornography or sexually related material exists for any conceivable subject.
Zak Jane Keir is putting together a second volume of erotica celebrating the niche, the unusual and the thoroughly strange. Have a fetish for sneezing, farting, thunderstorms? Find a man wearing socks with sandals irresistible? Write a story about it and send it in. Last year’s collection included tales of erotic encounters involving arson, photocopiers, cake frosting, church bells, a dominant dentist, a life-size skeleton… and tripe. Let your imagination loose and see if you can outdo the previous authors. While stories may be bittersweet and neither HEA nor HFN is mandatory, keep it sex-positive please; no kink-shaming.

Pairings – absolutely any, including person/object rather than person/partner. Straight, gay, group, open to offers…
Heat level – up to you.
Settings – contemporary/realistic preferred but historical/paranormal/sci-fi will be considered.

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Betsy A. said...

This sounds very promising. I have started a story but never finished it, so maybe this will get me moving once again. I really do like your suggestions that you have given- a man wearing socks with sandals irresistible.... just puts an image into my head already.

Generally, how many participating authors are there?