Friday, July 06, 2018

Stormy Night Publications

"Stormy Night Publications was established by Korey Mae and James Johnson with the goal of providing a highly author-centric publisher for spanking and BDSM romance and erotica titles."

Their first blog post dates from 2012, they were apparently formally established in 2015, and still seem to be going strong.

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Veronica Anne said...

I have read a few publications on "Stormy Night Publications" and have loved them. Great reads for a night when I just want to sit home and be someone else. I can fully put myself into the shoes of others with these books. One of my favorites would have to be "The Naughty Bride Clinic" by Carole Archer. I found that I could totally relate to Olivia in this story, which is always nice when you can relate to at least one character in a story. I look forward to finding more publications on here that I will enjoy.