Sunday, August 26, 2018

Review: Salt Magic, Skin Magic--Lee Welch (8.86/10)

When you consider books that are competently written, the biggest question is whether a given book will deliver the kind of reading experience you happen to enjoy.  So I embark on an angst M/M romance with fantasy elements and a Victorian setting--there is a pretty good chance that this is a book I am going to enjoy.

A cursed nobleman and a conflicted commoner magician collide in a enormous decaying mansion where something sinister is afoot.  The gothic mood,  sexy romance, and magical mystery are nicely balanced--and female supporting characters are given room for their own motivations rather than being slotted into the usual stereotypes (as is sadly so often the case). After some initial misunderstandings and conflict our heroes get to work breaking the curse.

As stated in the AAR review of this book the story and world building are clever.  Even well-worn tropes such as fetishizing upper class culture are given a new twist the being expressed as a very realistic actual real fetish of John Blake the industrial magician.

I think there are only a few weaker points, such as how easily the characters seem to come up with revolutionary magic ideas in a world-setting where they should be discoverable to many.  And the cover while undeniably very striking and  attractive suggests pure high fantasy and does not represent the dark tone or period of the story, or even the appearance of the characters as described in the text. There are many readers that adore historical fantasy and it is a kindness to give us covers that signal genre so we can find them.

My rating 8.25/10
Gay Book Reviews: 6/10
Joyfully Jay: 9.5/10
Just Love: 10/10
Love Bytes: 9/10
Scatter Thoughts: 10/10
Amazon: 9.4/10
Goodreads: 8.7/10
Aggregate: 8.86/10

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Jessika K said...

Hi Emily!

Great review. Very well written. I am pleased with the information that you have shared on this book, as well as other ratings from other sources. I like seeing what others rate the book as it gives me insight on if I want to read it or not.

I was pretty intrigued by the cover of the book. I will most likely take my chances and read it. After all, if you give it an 8.25, that is not too shabby!