Sunday, September 30, 2018

REVIEW Midnight with the Devil by Emma Castle

Based on the cover, tag line, and blurb I requested MIDNIGHT WITH THE DEVIL expecting a dark and transgressive erotic romance.  What I got was a lot closer to a meet cute with the devil with limited and largely vanilla sexual content.  It’s not that it was not a very enjoyable story, it certainly was, but the disparity between the packaging and the story was jarring and ending on a – sorry – not very good piece of art which was on the same page as the final line of text ruined any lasting feeling the ending might otherwise have provided.

Perhaps even more problematic is that the entire story reads as an AU fanfiction for the comic book-slash-TV show LUCIFER.  Now I know these things can happen by accident but the parallels were jarring and a constant distraction.  Let’s see: God is absentee, the devil is a basically really nice guy who has black hair, wears suits, and looks like a model (pictured with distinct stubble).  He has left hell to run a big city nightclub where he drinks and sleeps around accompanied by his sidekick demon.  He then meets a mortal woman with a mysterious God-given destiny who somehow reduces his natural fallen angel abilities.

Yeah, that’s a lot.

But if you feel real sorry for Lucifer and want to read a lovely story where he is redeemed/rewarded/whatevered by a far less complicated romantic involvement, this is probably the story for you.

6/10 #MagicalNegroTrope

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