Sunday, September 30, 2018

Trademarket Trolling Continues

Romancelandia became acquainted with trademark trollery largely via "Cockygate" wherein an author tried to prevent other authors and publishers from using the word "cocky" in titles. The latest dumbassery in this particular field is budget airline easyJet who are suing Netflix for having a TV series called Easy

Even if they don't win -- and they shouldn't -- the ability to bring these suits and the associated stresses and costs can have a chilling effect on creativity. If using a word in the dictionary, in a context separate from any commercial use of it as a brand, is going to get high-priced lawyers catapulted at you -- many people are going to choose to just not take the risk.

Maybe what is needs is for a few vexatious litigators to get their ass handed to them through damages awarded to the persecuted party, because it seems like money is the only language they speak.

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