Monday, September 17, 2018

Trends: Harem Romance

It seems like "harem" and "reverse harem" are becoming increasingly popular keywords in erotic romance.  It seems to bridge the gap between certain kinds of M/F+ and F/M+ and the harem tropes already well established in anime.

From what I can tell most of these are not literally harem scenario where the protagonist has access to a household full of sexual/romantic partners.  In anime it is more a case of a person be presented with, and possibly exploring, a range of possible partners before ending up with one/some/all  of them. In romance reverse romance with a female protagonist is more common and "all" seems to be the preferred outcome.

 I would be interested in learning more about this trope if any of you could send me a better description or harem and reverse harem as erotic romance tropes, and perhaps some recommendations of good books of this type to try?

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