Wednesday, October 03, 2018

Review: Grilled Cheese and Goblins (Adventures of a Supernatural Food Inspector) by Nicole Kimberling

Anyone who knows me will tell you I don’t use the word ‘delightful’ very often-slash-ever, but GRILLED CHEESE AND GOBLINS is delightful.  Now I do have a special weakness for curmudgeonly men with unreasonable devoted and gorgeous boyfriends.  Yes, that’s kind of a specific trope, and there’s not much of it out there.  However I think a lot of people would find Keith and Gunther adorable.  

The assorted tales collected within also betray a deep understanding of the twisted habits of bureaucracy and the strange and special ways to exploit them for the greater good whenever you can.  In this case relating To Keith Curry investigating supernatural food safety issues, and with inexorable and understated ethical impulses, often uncovering so much more. Equally blended-in some sharp humor and riffs on issues of prejudice, corruption, and the role of the ‘little guy’ in (possibly) making a difference.

 And finally the world building has the authenticity that comes from realizing that every wonderful part of a fantasy world is going to come with weird, wonderful, and frequently disgusting corollaries—or it would if it was real. I didn’t previously have an author auto-buy list but I think I may now have to start one.
Review copy courtesy of Netgalley, 10/10

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