Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Zumaya Nonpayment

eXtacy is one of the 7 imprints of Zumaya which is now openly not paying service providers like cover artists (e.g.).   On this basis it is being marked on the publisher page as 'not recommended'.

So I am told eXtacy is not and has never been an imprint of Zumaya (see comment).  I have no problem seeing I have made an error here in that they are not currently such an imprint and so the two business may now be completely unlinked. So I will remove the tag.

However my post is based on eXtacy being previously identified as such an imprint of Zumaya by a 2003 Press Release (as well as by Piers Anthony). EPIC does say this was their "original" stats, and so presumably has ended.  So I am having some trouble based on this with the idea that such a relationship never existed.

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Unknown said...

eXtacy Books is NOT associated with Zumaya Publications LLC, and never was. It was established in 2003 by a then-partner in Zumaya Publications as an independent company in Canada. That individual sold their share in Zumaya Publications to the current owners in 2008. Zumaya Publications has been incorporated in the state of Texas since 2006.

Zumaya Publications does not and never has published erotica or erotic romance, as is clearly specified in our guidelines. We consider it incompatible with our Thresholds imprint for juvenile and YA fiction. Your comment as stated constitutes libel; please either revise it to reflect the above facts or remove it.