Friday, November 09, 2018

Eros Imprint, Tule Publishing

Eros (2013) (Imprint of Tule Publishing)


[9 Nov 2018] Tule Publishing was founded in 2013 by Jane Porter. It spawned a number of imprint, including an erotica and erotic romance imprint called Eros some time around 2015.  All of the Tule books are immaculately packaged in a way that belies Tule's small press status--albeit a lower volume and very selective small press.

The Eros covers seem to cross the line from archetypal to cliche.  There is the 50 Shades clone, the lingerie catalog shots, and the usual sprinkling of rose petals and stilettos. At point of sale the publisher is listed as Tule, which in combination with the generic name robs Eros of any strong sense of identity. Nevertheless the books from this imprint seem to be successful and well-received.

Tule is currently not seeking submissions for Eros, but open to submissions for American Hearts, Holiday, Montana Born, and Texas Born

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