Monday, November 05, 2018

Review: Better Not Pout -- Annabeth Albert (Carina Press)

BETTER NOT POUT is exactly what a holiday (m/m) romance story should be. An odd couple pairing is given the potential for a happily-ever-after that is clearly broadcast from chapter two. Santa-suited antics combine with inner angst and no shortage of sex scenes. Unlike many in this genre the characters are drawn with sufficient subtlety and depth that the largely internal obstacles to this happiness feel entirely plausible. And if these character also hit a few well-worn tropes of big gruff army guy and quirky blond twink, well—the holidays are a time for traditions too. My only complaint would be that the final get together scene could have been a little less rush given how much psychological and emotional work they both put in to get there. (8/10).

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