Thursday, November 15, 2018

Stacey Abrams and the Status of Romance Writing

Given that romance novels are still often treated as low brow and somewhat embarrassing by much of the general media, coverage of Stacey Abrams' run for the post of Governor or Georgia has been a pleasant surprise.   (Stacey Abrams being the woman behind the pen name Selena Montgomery.)

Picking the top 20 Google News results for 'Stacey Abrams romance' reveals that 75% of the mentions of her writing career are positive.  They range from referring to her writing as award winning and popular to saying how her novels reflect her skills and values.  For example by praising her strategies in getting the books published despite barriers to writers of color and her use of the profits to address her debts.  The other 25% of mentions are not negative, just neutral or mixed.

A search on general Google shows similar results albeit with a greater use of steamy snippets.  To date I have only seen one highly partisan post that openly mocked the candidate for the content of her novels -- which in the current climate is much less than I would have expected.

While Brian Kemp has declared victory in the Governor's race, Abrams has yet to concede and an official call has not been made.  With a margin of less that 1/4 of a percent a run off may yet be called.

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