Tuesday, November 06, 2018

Start Continues

Start Publishing is the current mother-ship for several romance or erotic imprints including Torrid (late an imprint of Whiskey Creek Press acquired 2014), Cariad and Xcite (still imprints of Accent licensed in 2015), and Cleis (acquired 2014).  Start Publishing itself is one branch of the Start which also includes Start Motion Pictures, Graphic India, and Paragon which renovates movie theaters.

In 2013 Jarred G. Weisfeld became head of the publishing arm, while also being CEO of a literary agency "Objective Entertainment" and president of both "Objective Films" and an ebook conversion company "Paperless Publishing". He generally seems to have a good reputation in his industry, but that is arguably not publishing per se. That said, after some turbulence just after the acquisitions their various imprints seemed to have settled down and got on with business--with no obvious problems.

While some of us are not used to the glossy bluster of these kinds of companies, they also come with good production values and project management--as reflected by the aesthetically distinct but structurally uniform websites each of these many imprint now use.  The fact that all of these imprint are in business and show signs of doing well is significant in itself, given the attrition that has been occurring over the last 4-5 years.

While aesthetically the Start Media brand does nothing for me it is undeniable that many of the imprints that they acquired (e.g. Night Shade, acquired 2013) were struggling at the time and seem to have benefited considerably from the change in management at least as viewed from the outside. Although it does seem that a few erotic romance specific projects, like Cleis's "Tempted Romance" imprint, have gone by the wayside in the process.

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