Monday, February 18, 2019

REVIEW Badlands by Morgan Brice (Darkwind Press)

There is a lot about BADLANDS that will be very familiar to any reader of m/m romance and/or psychic crime fiction. I was not overly hopeful when the first two chapters were taken up by our heroes wandering around and providing exposition about their tragic pasts.

These backstories were vital to the romance but it felt like I was jumping into the second book in a series because so much had gone on before the book started and so little actually happened in the first two chapters.

Fortunately the relationship and the murder mystery took of with a hiss and a roar (and quite a lot of angst) from chapter three on.  The story was enjoyable but hung on half a dozen TSTL moments shared equally between both characters.

If you want an angsty m/m romance blended with an 80s style psychic-helps-cop serial killer plot, this is the book for you.  It feels like a set up for a series but I am not sure it has the momentum to support one unless the author has some some major plot twists held in reserve.


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