Monday, April 08, 2019

Cocky Tamer?

The latest title trademark dispute to hit the news relates to two book series using the term "Tamer".

On one side is MSE Media which has registered a trademark.   A.k.a. author Michael Scott-Earle.

On the other Isaac Hooke and his Monster Tamer series.

On the MSE side:

  • The Hooke series doesn't just happen to use the same term they have very similar tropes such as being harem books where monsters and women are... tamed (cringe).

On the Hooke side

  • MSE has filed trademarks on DRAGON SLAYER and other pretty damn generic terms.
  • It's a commonly used word in the sub-genre. Draco Tamer-David Belwisk, Animus Tamer-DL Runeborn, Goddess Tamer-Neil Bimbeau etc etc et-fucking-cetera.
So in a scale from real trademark infringement (1) to Cockygate shenanigans (10) I would call this a sold 9.5

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