Sunday, August 01, 2021

RWA: Fuckery Now, Fuckery Tomorrow, Fuckery Forever

RWA is back to their usual fuckery.  It seems like a good reason to revisit this blog.

If you don't spend time on Twitter the news might just be getting to you that the winner of the VIVIAN for romance with Religious or Spiritual Elements is Witemeyer's At Love's CommandA book that is known for opening with the hero taking part in the massacre of Wounded Knee. 

This is how Lakota spirituality is represented: "The words had barely left his tongue when a medicine man started chanting. As the troopers searched the camp for weapons, the Sioux holy man wove among the younger warriors. Chanting. Dancing. Subtle moves at first, almost imperceptible, but he grew bolder, his motions more defined. Matt clenched his jaw. Exactly what they didn’t need. The Lakota had been docile enough yesterday when Matt’s company had rounded them up near Porcupine Butte. Big Foot had been compliant. But this holy man . . . he was stirring up defiance. Matt could feel it as sure as he could feel the winter wind against his neck."

The hero realizes his error (to some extent) but the whole story relegates the many years of his involvement and the massacre to being an opportunity for personal growth by the Christian white guy who is all that really matters. 

Many people with good intentions have promoted and participated in attempts to rescue the RWA from its own bigotry, prudery, lack of diversity, and failures of moral character.  It is time to put a fork in those efforts and call them done. There is a need for a professional association for romance writers, but the RWA is not -- and never will be -- that association.

Professional associations must do two main things; they must represent and they must lead. The RWA is unwilling to represent the true diversity of romance writers and where they are leading is not -- I sure hope -- where we are going.  I have nothing more of substance to say but will compile links (below) to those more knowledgeable and articulate than I am.

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