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Ai Press
Genres: erotic romance--M/M and M/F
[5 Mar 11] Added

Genres: romance, general fiction

Genres: erotic romance
[12 August 2007] Open since 2000, an epublisher focusing on erotica with female submission.
[12 March, 2015] Seems to be closed?

Amber Quill
  • Including the imprints Amber Heat and Amber Allure--new authors acquired
  • by invitation only
  • Genres: erotic romance, GLBT
  • website
  • at ERECblog


Beautiful Trouble Publishing

  • Genres: erotic romance
  • website
  • at ERECblog
  • Notes:  [20 February 2010] Added to PLIST. Newly opened.

Black Velvet Seductions

Blade Publishing

Blushing Books
Reportedly founded in 1991
[24 January 2007] Signs of trouble, negative listings -- 
[30 Aug, 07] reports of authors not being paid. --
[7 July 2014] No sign of any recent problems.

Breathless Press
  • website
  • Notes: Founded 2009 -- [12 September 2013] added to PLIST.
Captive Unicorn
  • website
  • Notes:  [12 August 2012] Added to PLIST.
Carina Press

Carnal Desires
[2 September 2007] An imprint of Double Dragon.

Carnal Passions
[28 November 2008] An imprint of Champagne Books.

[28 March 2010] Added to PLIST.

Changeling Press
[23 Jan, 2011] Brenda Hiatt reports an average earn out of $1050.

Cobblestone Press
[29 Feb, 2009] Brenda Hiatt reports an average earn out of $200.
[23 Jan, 2011] Brenda Hiatt now reports an average earn out of $700.

Coffee and Cream Publishing
Genres: Interracial, Multicultural
[6 Oct, 2011] Recently opened, added to list.

Crescent Moon Press

Dark Castle Lords/DCL Publications [Not Recommended]
[6 September 07] Aussie-based epress for historical romance.
[21 March 2008] $ Reported to charge the author for cover art using human figures
[10 August 2008] Fees for all covers, and for advertising for anthologies. Sales appear to be too low to even cover these fees. Avoid.

Dark Roast Press


Discipline and Desire

[11 Jun 07] Focussing in BBW m/f romance. Tradepaperback and ebook formats.

[21 Mar 10] Added to PLIST.

Ellora's Cave
[29 Feb, 2009] Brenda Hiatt reports an average earn out of $3050.
Highly Recommended at Preditors and Editors.
[23 Jan, 2011] Brenda Hiatt reports an average earn out of $3200.
[30 Mar, 2011] Average earn-out: $3100

Emerging Edge Publishing
[3 Jul 2018]Added

Eternal Press (imprint of Damnation Books)
[5 Aug 2007]Opened
[22 Feb 2008] sold to Allyson Robertson
[10 Sept 2010] BBB rating: C-
[23 Jan, 2011] BBB rating is now A+



Forbidden Passion Press
[29 Feb, 2009] added

Freya's Bower

ImaJinn Books

JK Publishing [Not Recommended]
  • website
  • Notes: Owner charged with felony theft of author royalties [13 June 2017]

LA Media [Not Recommended]
[11 December 2007] Opened by the previous owner of Mardis Gras (see dead markets at the bottom of the page).

Lachesis Publishing
[1 September 2007] Open since Jan. 07, not erotic romance per se but accepts both romance and erotica

L and L Dreamspell
[14 August 2008] "Romance - Make us wish we were part of the story, with interesting, intelligent characters. All varieties accepted including red-hot erotica"

Liquid Silver Books

Lyrical Press

Mojocastle Press

Moongypsy Press
Genres: romance, other fiction genres
[20 February 2010] Added to PLIST

New Concepts Publishing [Not Recommended]
Earning estimate: From 'Show me the Money": $340
[21 March 2008] Reportedly not providing full editing. Other complaints from authors of books being withdrawn from sales or sold after the end of the contract period.
[30 March 2008] Public statements by the press indicate that, amongst other serious problems, they do not perform substantive editing.
[July] Released an author's contracted first 3 chapters as a completed book written under their own pseudonyms. Author had RWA contact the publisher to pull book, but NCP ignored letter.
[28 July 2008] Because of customer complaints that they don't get their orders (and no response from customer service), and from authors regarding several issues, including lack of statements, NCP deletes its 1700+ member readers loop. Opens a new moderated loop with strict rules: readers cannot interact with authors, and authors can ONLY post promos. Author in-house loop is for NCP personnel only, and all mail is strictly moderated.
[31 July 2008] NCP releases a second book by same author who had only submitted first 3 chapters, again written in full by its own in-house authors. Publisher claims it was forced to because author was taking too long to complete her own manuscript.
[29 Feb, 2009] Brenda Hiatt reports an average earn out of $690.


Pink Flamingo

Pink Petal Books

Ravenous Romance

[1 December 2008] Planned opening
[30 Mar, 2011] Average earn-out: $530

Red Rose Publishing
[28 November 2008] Not recommended at Preditors and Editors due in part to a report of non-payment
[30 November 2008] Reports of communication difficulties from more recently signed authors.
[15 December 2008] I have received many positive reports from authors, but also a few mixed reports. However there seem to be no serious issues and it seems some communications glitches that had been occuring are now no longer a problem.
[23 Sept 2009] Reports of a termination fee and other problems.
[17 Sept 2010] Listed as 'not recommended' based in part sending baseless lawyer's letters to dearauthor
[2 Feb 2011] Reports of termination fee and sales of book on an expired contract continue [see AW]

Red Sage

[18 Jan 2009] Added

Renaissance Romance NOT RECOMMENDED
  • website
  • Notes: [5/21/2016] reports of delayed royalty payments.

 Renaissance Ebooks
  • website
  • Notes: [23rd May, 2008] Reports of poor editing and late payment/non-payment.

Resplendence Publishing

Romance at Heart

Romance Divine
[2 September 2007]Apparently founded in 2006, named staff with no apparent publishing experienced (e.g. Published with PublishAmerica)

Royalty Publishing
Genres: urban romance
[5 Jul 2018] Added

Samhain Publishing

[Jan 23, 2009] Linden Bay now an imprint of Samhain
[29 Feb, 2009] Brenda Hiatt reports an average earn out of $750.
[26 Jan 2011] Brenda Hiatt now reports $2750
[30 Mar, 2011] Average earn-out: $3100

Shadowfire Press

[25th May, 2008] Opening 1st August, 2008

Silver Publishing[Not Recommended]

[13 Nov 2012] Reported delays in royalty payments due to insufficient publisher funds.


[26 Jan 2011] Brenda Hiatt reports $1700
[30 Mar, 2011] Average earn-out: $6400

Storm Moon Press
Genres: GLBT.alt

Stormy Night Publishing

Genres: BDSM romance, erotica

[4 Jul 2018] Added

Summerhouse Publishing

Genres: romance and erotica

Tantalizing Tales

Tease Publishing

[5 June 2007] Submissions by invitation only. Opening Oct 2007

Total E-Bound

Torquere [Not Recommended]

[21 March 2008] Some blog discussion about communications and editing.
[24 Sep 2009] More reports from disgruntled authors suggesting uneven treatment and delays.
[9 Mar 2014] Reports of non-payment--added to NR list

Whiskey Creek Press

Wicked Women of Color

[10 Aug 2008] Submission by invitation only.


Wild Horse Press

[Feb 06, 2009] Added

The Wild Rose Press

[29 Feb, 2009] Brenda reports an average earn out of $135.
[26 Jan 2011] Brenda Hiatt now reports an earn out of $100.
[30 Mar, 2011] Average earn-out: $200