Sunday, August 01, 2021

RWA: Fuckery Now, Fuckery Tomorrow, Fuckery Forever

RWA is back to their usual fuckery.  It seems like a good reason to revisit this blog.

If you don't spend time on Twitter the news might just be getting to you that the winner of the VIVIAN for romance with Religious or Spiritual Elements is Witemeyer's At Love's CommandA book that is known for opening with the hero taking part in the massacre of Wounded Knee. 

This is how Lakota spirituality is represented: "The words had barely left his tongue when a medicine man started chanting. As the troopers searched the camp for weapons, the Sioux holy man wove among the younger warriors. Chanting. Dancing. Subtle moves at first, almost imperceptible, but he grew bolder, his motions more defined. Matt clenched his jaw. Exactly what they didn’t need. The Lakota had been docile enough yesterday when Matt’s company had rounded them up near Porcupine Butte. Big Foot had been compliant. But this holy man . . . he was stirring up defiance. Matt could feel it as sure as he could feel the winter wind against his neck."

The hero realizes his error (to some extent) but the whole story relegates the many years of his involvement and the massacre to being an opportunity for personal growth by the Christian white guy who is all that really matters. 

Many people with good intentions have promoted and participated in attempts to rescue the RWA from its own bigotry, prudery, lack of diversity, and failures of moral character.  It is time to put a fork in those efforts and call them done. There is a need for a professional association for romance writers, but the RWA is not -- and never will be -- that association.

Professional associations must do two main things; they must represent and they must lead. The RWA is unwilling to represent the true diversity of romance writers and where they are leading is not -- I sure hope -- where we are going.  I have nothing more of substance to say but will compile links (below) to those more knowledgeable and articulate than I am.

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Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Atmosphere Press and Why Facebook Advertisements are Bullshit


It's a pretty routine activity for me...

See an advertisement where a high-volume all-genre press is trawling for authors while declaring they have no submission fees.  Take a slightly closer look and see they will list will publish your book, only on Amazon, for "less than $5000".

Yes, ladies and gentlepersons, that is a fucking vanity press.

The interesting thing is that the next day Facebook serves me the exact same ad, with my comment removed, and I am now blocked from commenting.

TL;DR Fuck Atmosphere Press and fuck Facebook ads too.

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Friday, November 06, 2020

Getting Cute with Copyright--cover art and movie trailers

 It is generally understood that cover art and other material made to package and promote a product can be shared online.  However, it is also true that these materials are under copyright, creating something of a grey area when--as is usually the case--sharing is not explicitly permitted.  While cover images are shown on a massive scale on sites like Goodreads and book reviews sites, this is done based on the idea that is a reasonable risk, rather than an absolute right.

A similar situation exists with movie trailers. They are promotional materials that work best when they are able to be shared and reshared on platforms other than where they were originally hosted.  But copyright holders do have the discretion to assert their copyright and not allow sharing.  It is probably counter-productive to do so, hence the prevailing norms that sharing without explicit permission is okay--but the option to blanket-prohibit sharing is available and reasonable to use in some cases.

What might be legal but is not reasonable is to withhold permission to share copyrighted promotional material only when the review is critical or negative.  And this is exactly what Netflix is doing by reporting posts of the trailer for the controversial movie "Cuties' only when the accompanying comments are negative.

This is just like authors asserting copyright over their cover art, but only when it is shown on a negative review (as I have experienced multiple times).  It is not asserting rights over intellectual property, it is weaponizing those rights to suppress discussion for and between consumers of the product.  It disrupts the current normals of use without permission, and not for any good reason. As is so often the case, a large company is doing that which is legal with complete disregard for that which is good or right.

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Defund Writing Associations?

CC by 2.0 Fred Merchan

It has long been apparent that Romance Writers of America struggles with issues of diversity leading to the collapse of the board this February. their past mis-steps included a profound failure to respect of include people based on race as well as GLBTQ+... and even more trivial publishing options like e-publishing or erotic content.

Meanwhile, International Thrillers Writers failed to act after a serious harassment issue at a convention, and "all lives matter" themed BLM statement, and yesterday all of their board members resigned except for the two co-presidents.

Did you also notice that in June the Board president and chair of the Poetry Foundation also stepped down after issuing a vague and non-specific BLM statement? Not only as the usual symbol of contrition but because doing so makes space for better representation on the board.

And later in June a similar set of circumstances saw 63% of the board members of the National Book Critics Circle stepped down.

It is a fairly common observation that as non-profit organizations grow they also become more conservative and less likely to make bold ideological statements or take related actions -- or indeed change very much at all.

The ostensible reason is to represent a broad representation, but this representation tends to focus heavily on the paying membership or industry representatives.  And this group tends to be white, affluent, and urban or suburban.  It tends to be the group currently most financially successful in the profession for prevailing and historical reasons.

But will the processes that created the old Boards, somehow now be able to fill those same seats with fundamentally different people who represent fundamentally different goals?  Because if we dig back into the theory large and increasingly archaic organizations are often unable to reinvent themselves so profoundly.  What happens is that new groups form in new ways and gradually grow up to replace them.

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

NEW MARKET Belong Books

Belonging Books is seeking romance fiction" submissions of all lengths from and about minorities—people of color, people with disabilities, religious minorities, LGBTQ+ people, etc."

Founded by Kit Willihnganz, L.S. Quinn, Anna Risher, and Robert Gatewood

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Sunday, May 31, 2020

Red Sofa Literary Agency Self-Destructs

Red Sofa literary agency imploded last night with tweet from the founder causing the immediate withdrawal of agents Amanda Rutter and  Stacey Graham.

Authors have also separated from Frederick as their agent including Andrew DeYoung and Tim Hanley.

Dawn Frederick tweeted that she had called police in response to the looting of a gas station.

Fredericks posted a response on her website. Frederick is the only remaining agent at Red Sofa.

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[Jun 10 2020] Frederick is getting lawyers to try and suppress people tweeting or retweeting about what happened
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Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Cocky Christine Feehan

Just when we thought it was safe to use words again....

A trademark application for the word 'dark' in a book series.

 Because that's totally unique to her series, natch.