Thursday, December 06, 2018

Review: JILTED by Lilah Suzanne (Interlude Press)

Objectively speaking, JILTED should be the kind of story I would enjoy.  A romance that starts with a bolting bride and is full of quirky queer characters.  If I described what happens in the book it would sound like a mash up of “Being Alexander: a Novel”, “The Bone People”, and the movie “Addicted to Love”, all of which I enjoyed.

Unfortunately, I found the actual prose strangely dispassionate.  The narrative is  omniscient for pages at a time, and when we see into Carter’s head he is always thinking and feeling basically the same things.  The humor, wit, and angst never seem to be quite sharp enough to pierce the overall impression of “meh”.

My rating reflects that there is nothing objectively less-than-competent about the book, but I simply cannot say that I really enjoyed reading it.

Review copy courtesy of NetGalley, 4/10

Fiery Seas Publishing Closed

Reliable sources report that Fiery Seas (2014-2018) ceased trading as of yesterday.

Monday, December 03, 2018

Market: Interlude Press

Interlude Press (2014--) (Imprint: Duet Books)

Genre: "LGBTQ general and romantic fiction."

[12/3/2018]  Seeking  --(Adult Fiction) Novels of 60,000-to-90,000 words in the following genres: contemporary, historical, romantic comedy, mystery/suspense, and romantic fiction. --contemporary, fantasy, and science fiction Young Adult novels of 60,000-to-80,000 words. Interlude Press --Short stories for anthology: Low-to-no angst, feel-good short stories for an upcoming YA anthology. Show us your best charming, quirky stories of teen friendship and/or romance of 7,500-to-15,000 words.

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Louisiana DoC Banned Book Game

Here's a game for not quite all the family.  How many books have you read that are not permitted by the Louisiana Department of Corrections (books and booklets section starts on page 9)?

My score is 8

A Game of Thrones (George R R Martin), Bitten (Susie Bright), Death Note (Tsugumi Ohba), Dragon Masters Guide (Dungeons and Dragons), Ghost World (Daniel Clowes), Preacher (Ennis & Dillon), Story of O (Pauline Reage), Tarot for Beginners (P Scott Hollander)

Who can beat my score?  It's a long list so it shouldn't be difficult.  All those smutty stories and most of my strikes are comic books!

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

New Imprint: Carina Adores

Carina Adores is a new imprint dedicated to "trope-driven LGBTQ+ contemporary romance line". Imma going to have to ponder a bit on what that means, but I think it's good.  Examples of the tropes are provided.

At first I wondered if this was just breaking out the queer material from Carina-proper, but the addition of the used/flipped/subverted trope element does give a distinct character to this proposed imprint that could be very popular.

Monday, November 26, 2018

Hera Books

Hera Books opened this month and is "looking for crime and thriller, romance, saga and general fiction." Co-founded by Keshini Naidoo and Lindsey Mooney.

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Characters are allowed to be old now, apparently. (And apparently I am old now).

The latest turn on the news-go-round is a reported increase in stories about... old people.  Stories of this sort have recently appeared about manga and other types of fiction. So it is not especially uprising that Entangled is announcing a new imprint for "older characters".  I could be more thrilled about "older" meaning over 30.  Thirty is "August" only if your life expectancy is 45, which is conventionally counted as just the first year of middle age.  The official guidelines increase this to 40 which means at least we can expect to live to retirement age, if not beyond.