Friday, October 19, 2018

Review: BOLT by Angel Payne (Waterhouse Press)

As I started reading BOLT I expected to really enjoy it.  A nice girl falls for the filthy rich but socially awkward alter ego of a super hero. The tone is kooky and enthusiastic with lots of sex (the power dynamics of the sex are a tad erratic and weird IMHO).   

However the relationship becomes a little repetitive with the couple finding reasons to break up, freak out, and then get back together again. Neither the humor potential of being set in a hotel, not the action story of, well, being a superhero are greatly exploited. 

In fact, the plot ultimately doesn’t go anywhere much other than to the altar. I suspect that story worked better in its original form of many shorter parts than it does as a novel.
Review copy courtesy of Netgalley, 3/5 #AlmostPWP

The Christian Author, the Plagiarism Scandal, and the Immoral Silence

Zondervan has arrived at a settlement after conceding that non-fiction author Christine Caine had plagiarized extensively from the work of Carey Scott (HarperCollins Christian Publishing/HCCP). And as the story got passed around the interwebs with very little in the way of a response, professor Warren Throckmorton had cause to write "I don't think plagiarism matters much to most Christians." He suggests that many Christian celebrities use ghostwriters and have a loose idea of what it means to authors something.  And as with the Caine/Zondervan case, reparations may be paid but apologies won't be made.  The entire issue is swiftly swept under the rug.

I am reminded of the number of scammy publishers than tried to dress themselves up as "good Christians". For example the awful vanity outfit "Christian Faith Publishing", and Tyndale Books and HCCP have both been sued by contributors claiming dishonest practices. And let's not even get started about Tate Publishing.... All areas of publishing have problems but there does seem to be a preponderance of silence on the part of Christian publishing professionals where purveyors of prose from genres such as memoir or romance come forth and either apologize or counter-attack, according to their temperament. Perhaps because, not being clothed in the righteous robes of Christian purpose, they are willing to take personal responsibility for what they have done.&

Or perhaps because the media and their consumers are more willing to demand it?

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Zumaya Nonpayment

eXtacy is one of the 7 imprints of Zumaya which is now openly not paying service providers like cover artists (e.g.).   On this basis it is being marked on the publisher page as 'not recommended'.

So I am told eXtacy is not and has never been an imprint of Zumaya (see comment).  I have no problem seeing I have made an error here in that they are not currently such an imprint and so the two business may now be completely unlinked. So I will remove the tag.

However my post is based on eXtacy being previously identified as such an imprint of Zumaya by a 2003 Press Release (as well as by Piers Anthony). EPIC does say this was their "original" stats, and so presumably has ended.  So I am having some trouble based on this with the idea that such a relationship never existed.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

MARKET Major Key Publishing

Major Key Publishing is seeking new adult and contemporary romance.


How would you feel if, shortly before your debut novel was to be released,
the woman who runs the company publishing it revealed the cover of one of her own books and it looked like this?

Monday, October 15, 2018

BEST WOMEN’S EROTICA -- Rachel Kramer Bussel (ed)

BEST WOMEN’S EROTICA provides a lot of stories but unfortunately they are all very similar: a contemporary woman does something a vanilla person would consider a tad daring and feels good about it.  There is no real plot to speak of.  And some people think that is par for the course with erotica or short stories, but girl I read about a dozen erotica anthologies a year and most of them manage to have both stories and sex, in fact lots of rather more adventurous  sex with sometimes unexpected consequences. Whatever criteria these stories were selected according to I would respectfully request the raise the standard and broaden the scope.  It is pretty rare that competently written erotica bores me, but this was a snooze-fest. Or perhaps there is a strong readership for these anthologies that does not read a lot of erotica and is very happy with these brief scenarios as a glimpse into the world they don’t want to venture any further into.
Review copy courtesy of Netgalley, 2/5

MARKET: 10th Street Press

10th Street Press publishes erotica and related non-fiction. I have to say their website Utt-Bugly.  They seem to have been around for a while and customer reviews suggest their books are a mixed bag.